Useful Links

There are loads of great organisations out there, all doing their thing to protect and promote the great outdoors.

Here are some organisations we take our collective hats off to.

Without organisations like these the great outdoors would be threatened and we'd all be stuck indoors. So, check them out and support their work.

Nature's Work
No one combines the outdoors with caring for the environment like these guys.

British Mountaineering Council
The daddy of all climbing outfits.

Mountain Leader Training
Training to keep everyone safe on the mountains.

John Muir Trust
Scottish based but promoting environmental understanding all over the UK.

Natural England
Ok, we know they are a government body. But they do great work to protect our natural habitats.

Youth Hostel Association
Support them or we will lose them.

Expeditions Wales
Our good friends (and one of our first clients). Great activities for D of E and other stuff.

Outward Bound
Spreading outdoor skills and experiences to everyone.

Mountain Rescue
Hopefully you'll never need them but everyone who volunteers for a rescue team is a star.